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About this site

Updated October 2002

When this site first started in 1995, computers were becoming a major part of homes and businesses in the United States and the world. It made sense at the time that small organizations started using this technology to get it's information to its membership and the public. The Internet and the World Wide Web, which connects the world's computers, was and is the fastest and most inexpensive, way to do this.

I personally work for an electronically progressive newspaper publishing company on the San Francisco Peninsula, which in January 1994 started publishing its entire editorial content to the Web. At that time, I came up with the idea that the Web would be a perfect place to put information about the Sequoia High School Alumni Association (SHSAA) (Redwood City, CA).

Because the SHSAA was a non-profit organization and we were all volunteers, it took some time for that idea to become a reality and in June 1995, with the help of Lynette Tillner, then-webmaster for Belmont Access for the Community (BAC), the site was launched.

The original site was posted as a service of the Alumni Association as part of the Centennial Celebration that was to be held that fall. The Alumni Association abandoned the site in 1999, at which time I took it over and continued to develop it. The current site is not funded, sponsored by or endorsed by the Sequoia Union High School District or the Sequoia High School Alumni Association in any way.

Some have asked why I have continued working on this site. I think the answer is very simple... Like I explained above, it is an easy, inexpensive way to distribute information. Anyone, with only a little bit of research, can use this media to get information. I think that it is important to point out again that these alumni pages are not sponsored by the high school district or any one alumni Association The links provided are as a service are purely on the work of the alumni groups from each school.

So, here we are now, linked onto the Web -- cyberspace, if you will. I hope that the information at this site will foster the idea of my school's motto: UNALIYI, which is a Cherokee word meaning "A place of friends."

Thank you for being interested in the Sequoia High School District Alumni Web site.

Frank A. Bravo
Past President, Sequoia High School Alumni Association (1992-1996)
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